Teaching Staff

The Master

J Leigh MA

Second Master

W D L Nicholas BEng MSc

Deputy Head (Academic)

J M Barot MA MSc 

Senior Admissions Tutor

Dr N G Hamilton BA PhD ATC

Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum)    

Mrs D J Harris MA

Deputy Head (Boarding)

Lady Cayley MA

Art Department

E F J Twohig MA, RI, ARE (Head of Art)
J H Parnham BA MA (RCA) (Head of Visual Arts Promotion)
Mrs R L T Bruce BA
J J Duplock MA
I A Wilkins BA MFA
Ms J Schuster MA (RCA) (Artist-in-Residence)

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Classics Department

J F Lloyd BA MPhil (Head of Department)
B W Giles MA
Ms V Herrenschmidt BA
Mrs R F Horton MA
Mrs ID Dennis MA
Ms E K Ramsey BA MA PhD

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Design Technology Department

P R Adams BEd (Head of Department)
Mrs J Fruci BA
M Conlen BSc
D J Madden BEng MA 
Ms D Morán (Intern)

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Drama Department

D Kenworthy BA MFA (Head of Department)
Ms J Darby Dip BA GSM LGSM
Mrs Sandall BA

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Economics and Business Studies

D I Andrew MSc MA (Head of Department)
Mrs AL Adderley BA
C L Harrison BSc
P N Keighley BEng
J V T Morell MSc
P J O'Sullivan BA

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English Department

N O P Gordon MA (Head of Department)
J P Carroll BEd
A Gist BA MA
N O P Gordon MA
Dr F S McKeown BA PhD
E G Nobes MA
Dr M J Ponsford BA PhD
Mrs C E Green MA(Ed)
Ms R C Thomas BA
H L R Tilney BA

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Geography Department

K J D Richards MA (Head of Department)
J Hodgson BSc
Mrs J A Hodgson MA
Miss A C Langdale BSc MSc
Miss HL Meehan BSc
B H Miller BSc
Mrs C N Pembroke BA

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Information Technology Department

G B Shearn BSc (Head of Department)
Dr D G Roberts MSc PhD
K G A Smith BA

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History of Art Department

Dr F S Mc Keown BA PhD (Head of Department)
Mrs R Scott BA MA
Dr N G Hamilton BA PhD ATC
Mrs A T Woodford BA

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History Department

CAF Moule MA (Head of Department)
D E Adamson BA
M B Blossom MA
M P L Bush BA
Lady Cayley MA
A J Hamilton MA
W J Molyneux BA
R A Sandall BCom BA

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Learning Support Department

Mrs J McClean BA Dip SpLD (Acting Head of Department)
Mrs S E Armitage BA
Ms J Isitt BA (hons) & PGCE
Ms C E Page BA MA Dip SpLD
Mrs E J Ross BA MA PG Cert SpLD MA in TEFL (English as an Additional Language Coordinator)
Mrs S A Shearn BEd Cert SpLD

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Mathematics Department

O P Elton BA (Head of Department)
Miss N L Allen BSc (Second in Department)
J M Birchall BSc
Mrs A J Finn MSc
Dr S D Flatres MSci PhD
Ms O Gallagher BSc
Miss O F Grimley BSc
G D M Lane BSc
M C J Loxton MMath
Mrs D J Harris MA
M McNally BSc
Dr E Ryder BSc PhD
C S Smith BEng MSc
C O Stewart MA

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Modern Languages Department

A J Brown MA (Head of Modern Languages)
A H de Trafford MA (Head of Spanish)
Ms Q Li (Head of Mandarin Chinese)
P N Morley-Fletcher BA (Head of French)
N Nelson-Piercy BA (Head of Russian)
Ms T C Rainer StEx (Head of German)
Mrs A T Woodford BA (Head of Italian)
H A Abbas (Arabic)
Mrs L H Cannon BA MA (Mandarin)
S C Clayton BA (Spanish)
Ms M A D'Angelo (Spanish/Italian/French)
Miss V G M Delalleau BA (French/Italian)
J T W Lane BA (Spanish/French)
T C M Lauze BA MBA (Director of Teaching and Learning)
Mrs A L Keighley BA (French/German/Russian)
Mrs K J Kiggell BA (French/Italian/German)
T A Kiggell MA (French/German)
Mrs Y Momota (Japanese)

Language Assistants

Mrs P M A de Beukelaer (French Upper School)
Mrs T D Bungey (Russian Lower School)
Mrs C A Coughlan (French Lower School)
Mrs C K Dukes (French)
Mrs T D Edmunds (Russian Upper School)
Mrs M T James (Italian)
Miss R Gómez Sevilla (Spanish)
Mrs M Ibáñez Rodríguez (Spanish)
Mrs S M McKeown (German)
Ms L Zaninelli (Italian)

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Music Department

P T Dukes FGSM ARAM (Artistic Director)
Miss C Toomer GGSM (Deputy Head of Music)
A O J Staines BA (Choirmaster)
A J Arkwright BA
M J Baldrey BMuS FTCL
H Scott DRSAMD (Head of Strings)

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Outdoor Activities Department

R Tong (Head of Department)
Mr J Newman (OA Instructor)
Ms H Horsell (Graduate Assistant)

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Physical Education and Sport Department

Mrs K M Hudson BSc MSc (Director of Sport)

M W Alleyne (Cricket Professional)
J Beckett BSc (Sports Facilities Manager)
J Davies BSc CSCS (Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach)
W G Heywood BSc
G D M Lane BSc
T P Gilmour (Head of Rugby)
M S Ramage (Head of Hockey)
M J Sharrad BSc (Head of Physical Education, I/c Athletics)
R H Wakely (Rackets and Tennis Professional)

Graduate Assistants
Miss S Bingham
C J Border
Miss A Hudson
Ms G O Lewis
A J W Muir
J M Quinn
J W G Richardson
Ms R V Taylor
Mr J Wall
Ms S E Wolf

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Politics Department

M A Gow BA (Head of Department)
C L Harrison BSc
R Willmett BA
WJ Molyneux BA

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Mrs RL Jerstice BA MA (Head of Department)
Ms J L Brain BSc
Dr LJ Richards, BSc, PhD

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Religious Studies and Philosophy Department

D T Clark MTh (Head of Religious Studies)
Revd Dr J Blokland BA MA MSc PhD
Ms V R Brown MA
H E B Jones BA
G I Macmillan BA
Revd T W G Novis BA MDiv
G R Playfair MA
Ms B L Woods BA MSc

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Science Department

Dr G A Doyle BSc MSc PhD DIC CChem MRSC (Head of Science)

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Dr L J Richards BSc PhD (Head of Department)
T A Birkill BSc
Mrs H A M Cox BSc
S J Dennis MBE BSc MSc
J J Lyon Taylor BSc
Mrs J McFarland BSc
N J L Moore BSc MA
Dr A D Sharp BSc PhD
(Mrs A E Paterson BA MA (Head of Department))

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Mrs C A Walsh BSc (Head of Department)
D R Armitage BSc MA
Dr G A Doyle BSc MSc PhD DIC CChem MRSC (Head of Science)
S R Hawthorn BSc
T G R Marvin MA
W D L Nicholas BEng (Second Master)
Mrs E C Smith BA
Dr J P Swift BSc PhD

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C J Wheatland MPhys (Head of Department)
B Allen MA
J M Barot MA MSc (Deputy Head, Academic)
C E Barclay BSc FRAS FRSA (Head of Astronomy)
Mrs J E Lane BSc
G J McSkimming BSc
Dr D G Roberts MSc PhD
J Wright BSc


C E Barclay BSc FRAS FRSA ACIEA (Head of Department)
Dr D G Roberts MSc PhD

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