The Master's Welcome

It would be hard to imagine school life in a more beautiful place than Marlborough. Located on the edge of the town of Marlborough, the College offers a setting where the College melds the town with the countryside, it offers broad all-round opportunity.

School days should be fun, a mixture of intellectual endeavour and a wide co-curricular programme. Marlborough College’s blend of tradition and progression is all about true boarding. Life here is exciting with an insistence upon high academic performance underpinned by artistic and sporting programmes at the highest levels. The 24/7 nature of the residential programme is the basis to this. Marlborough College, once joined, is not so much a school, but more a way of life. In emphasising achievement and a “sense of service”, learning is seen as a fundamental progression to the future.

From 1843, Marlborough College has produced a long line of Alumnae / Alumni who understand the motto “Deus Dat Incrementum”, is a call to put back what has been gained, with a calm sense of pride in what has meant to become a Marlburian. Individuals matter here, as does team mentality as we prepare our pupils for a complex world. Furthermore, Marlborough College Malaysia, officially opened within the last year, broadens our overall linkage across the globe. Now five years old and entering the second phase of Mastership in Johor Bahru, Marlborough College Malaysia broadens the scope of our global ambitions. As a College, we remain alert to the opportunities to be awakened across the world.

In our 175th year, with the considerable support of Old Marlburians and an enthusiastic academic Common Room, as well as an engaged parent body, the school continues to develop with the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall and the building of a new girls’ boarding house, Dancy House. As we celebrate the milestone of 50 years of girls, so the next phase of our development also inculcates partnership with the locality most notably Swindon Academy. Marlborough continues to emphasise the need to press ever onward in our thinking.

Jonathan Leigh

Video: The Master's Introduction