Upper School

The College expects Sixth Form pupils to undertake combinations of A level and Pre-U courses which are demanding and of sufficient breadth to enable them to differentiate themselves in a competitive university admissions market.

Pupils are encouraged to stretch themselves and to develop their abilities to the fullest. Beyond their four A level/Pre-U subjects, pupils are offered the choice of one of the Extended Project, a standalone AS in Creative Writing, (I)GCSE languages for beginners in Arabic, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin, and further language qualifications in French, Spanish and German. Pupils will also be able to enjoy a carousel of opt-in short courses that will encourage them to explore some interests further and to perhaps find new passions; further details of this will be available on our website during the Lent Term 2015.

The College will be looking from this time to begin to embrace the advantages of linearity (all examinations at the end of two years of study) that is being introduced into the national system, having already had great success with the linear Pre-U qualification in a number of subjects.