Librarian: Mr James Burton
Assistant Librarian: Miss Victoria Williams
Library Assistant: Mr Nathan Lobo

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 0830 -2100
Saturday 0830 - 1250
Sunday 1400 - 1700 (Summer Term 1400-1800)

The Memorial Library & Reading Room

Housed on the top floor of North block in Court since 1893, the Library offers a wide range of information to support both the academic and leisure needs of the College community. The well resourced Memorial Library contains some 36,000 items and provides an atmosphere conducive to quiet study and intellectual inquiry.

The bean bags and easy chairs in the Reading Room create a more relaxed atmosphere for quiet reading. Library resources include books, music and audio CDs, DVDs in English and foreign languages, newspapers, periodicals and magazines, subscriptions to online databases, laptops for pupils to borrow. The library has WiFi so that pupils may use their own laptops. The library is staffed by one full-time professional librarian, and 2 library assistants.

It is open daily during term time. Departmental libraries around the College hold satellite collections of resources.

The friendly and knowledgeable library team aim to:

  • Support the educational aims of the school by making the Library central and integral to the independent learning process within the school;
  • Provide a service which will enable students to become more responsible for their own learning by developing their research and study skill. All new students are given an introduction to the libraries and this is augmented throughout the year. The annual World Book Day quiz, whilst fun, is designed to make the pupils use all their research tools to find the right answers;
  • Enrich pupils' curricular experiences by providing appropriate resources. Knowledge of the curriculum enables staff to purchase relevant resources; Provide an environment conducive to that which will encourage divergent and reflective study;
  • Provide an environment which encourages relaxation and private reading. Regularly changing displays and celebration of national book awards promote new novels, personal recommendations, all encourage pupils to read a varied range of material;
  • Give pupils a sense of 'ownership' of their Library. Suggestions by pupils for resources are always welcomed. The library proctors take an active part in aspects of the running of the library;
  • Arrange workshops and talks by writers and illustrators which will inspire, enthuse and entertain pupils.

Historical Notes on The Memorial Library

From 1848 the College's main library was located in The Adderley in "C" House. This was a very attractive and much loved facility, but lack of space limited its use to members of the Fifth and Sixth Forms only. Many teaching departments developed their own specialised collections of books elsewhere.

In 1892 it was agreed to build a large Reading Room within the complex of North Block. The Reading Room was eventually opened in 1900, during the South African War, and was called The Memorial Reading Room in tribute to the memory of Marlburians who had fallen in the South African War.

The function of the Reading Room was originally to provide a heated and peaceful haven where more junior boys could have access to books and newspapers under conditions which would encourage private study. In the early 1950s it was decided to close The Adderley Library and transfer all its books - together with those of several other smaller collections - to the Memorial Reading Room, which then was re-branded, as now, as The Memorial Library.