Marlborough College Rare Books

Marlborough College holds an important and significant collection of rare books and manuscripts ranging in date from the fifteenth century to modern times. 

Please click here to view and find out more about many of the books in this unique collection.

Among its many treasures are the Marlborough College Book of Hours, a medieval illuminated manuscript, exemplars of fine early printing by Aldus, Froben and Plantin, rich holdings of literary, theological and historical works from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, and many important mathematical and scientific works from the Renaissance to the Victorian era. Among the latter stand Newton's Principia Mathematica, early alchemy books, hand-painted Victorian zoological guides, and first editions of Darwin's works. 

Other particular strengths of the collection include antiquarian volumes on Wiltshire, a wealth of Arts & Crafts books inspired by the former OM William Morris, and fine press books of the twentieth century, including many items from the Marlborough College Press. The Rare Book collection is a key part of the College's cultural heritage, but its books and manuscripts remain available to staff and students for use and consultation. 


For further information, please contact Dr Simon McKeown, Keeper of Rare Books.