13+ Scholarships

Applying for a 13+ Scholarship

In order to obtain a Scholarship it is necessary to gain a place at the College through the normal Assessment route.

All Scholars are expected to play an active role in the life of the College and their performance is monitored through groups and societies to make sure that potential is being fulfilled. Scholarships or Awards do not result in any fee remission unless there is proven financial need. A Financial Circumstances Forms should be filled in before Enrolment for Assessment and a report will be made that indicates the degree of support that can be given in the light of an Award being made.

The deadline for Financial Grant applications is the same as the deadline for Enrolment for Assessment for a place: 5th November of Year 7.

Applications to undertake the Academic Scholarship exams must be made by the 31st January of Year 8 and must be supported by a Head’s reference. Academic Scholarship candidates are expected to excel in papers and an interview undertaken at the College in the March of Year 8. Some papers may be undertaken beforehand at the current school.

Art and Design & Technology Scholarship applicants must submit a portfolio before the 31st January in Year 8. The strongest applicants will be invited to the College in March of Year 8 in order to discuss their work.

Music Awards are undertaken at the College in the January of Year 8. Applicants need to attend a pre-audition in order to take a Music Scholarship. Pre-Auditions must be undertaken before the middle of November of Year 8. Sports Scholar applicants may attend a series of ‘taster’ days before the Sport Scholarship Assessments in the March of Year 8. It is not essential to attend a taster day. Careful note is taken of references.

William Morris Award holders should apply for a Scholarship in one of the areas above, or a Drama Audition in March of Year 8.

William Morris Awards are given to strong candidates who have all round ability. They are primarily but not exclusively awarded to those who require some form of financial support.

Scholarships are announced in the March of Year 8.

Applications for the 13+ Scholarships 2018 Entry have now closed.