16+ Scholarships

Applying for a 16+ Scholarship

Being a Scholar at Marlborough brings with it both privilege and responsibility. Scholars are invited to be challenged in order to recognize their potential and to understand that, by aiming high and working both hard and smart, they can reach and often exceed their own expectations.

The Lower Sixth entry assessment process is deliberately rigorous and aims to allow pupils to demonstrate exactly what they will be able to offer the College. Scholarship candidates are expected to excel at the entry papers they sit that relate to their chosen A Levels of Pre U subjects. A general interview is conducted and additional Scholarship interview takes place, affording candidates an opportunity to speak specifically about areas of enthusiasm. Evidence of intellectual exploration is sought and references from current school heads must indicate both ability and drive.

On arrival at the College, Scholars begin an exciting journey of development and self-discovery which continues during university and careers and throughout life. Their performance is monitored through groups and societies to make sure that potential is being fulfilled. All Scholars are expected to play an active role in College life, as well as taking a lead and supporting others to aspire to excellence.

For further information about the different Scholarships available to apply for, please see the 16+ Scholarship Prospectus.