Admissions Aims

The aim of our Admissions Procedure is to ensure that pupils who join the College are able to be happy, successful and secure within our academic, cultural and pastoral environment.

We are an academically selective school but we do not believe in selection upon academic criteria alone. Our co-educational boarding nature offers wonderful opportunities to young people but also makes certain demands: readiness to live as a boarder within a tight-knit community is key to prospects of success. We also recognise the central value of Art, Drama, Music, Service and Sport and look to encourage enthusiasm for these fields. We look for pupils who are prepared to make the most of the opportunities on offer at Marlborough.

We do not discriminate on grounds of race or creed: those looking to join Marlborough College must, however, be comfortable with the demands set by our Anglican foundation and character.

We seek to operate our Admissions procedures fairly and sensitively. We value historic and family connections with the College but are also keen to foster new associations and links.

Pupils and their parents must be prepared to work with us for the good of the school community. They should understand our rules and aspirations and be prepared to work with us in order to follow and achieve them.

If you would like to receive our Prospectus and details of Registration, please complete the Prospectus Request Form noting that registration for entry at 13+ may be made no earlier than four years before the term of entry.

We very much hope you may want to visit us either on an Open Day or by individual appointment.