Entry 13+

You may make an appointment to visit the school at any time to meet an Admissions Tutor and to tour the school.  We shall send information on the applications procedure (the main principles of which are outlined below) and explain how an initial visit to the College may be arranged.

The College is now taking registrations for entry in September 2017 and 2018.

Please note information below regarding the following Years of Entry:

The closing dates for registration and enrolment for Assessment has passed. The next point of entry for this year would be for Sixth Form in 2019. For further information please contact the Admissions Department.


The Admissions Department is receiving Registrations for year of entry 2017. The initial Open Day for this year of entry was in April, 2014.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment for an individual visit to tour the College and meet with an Admissions Tutor.  Invitations to events to visit boarding houses and to meet with Housemasters and Housemistresses will be sent to families who have registered their child.  Please contact the Admissions Department for further information or to request a Registration Form. 


For those considering entry for their son or daughter in 2018, the Open Day will be held on Saturday 18th April and invitations will be sent early next year to families who have enquired or registered.


Registrations for entry in September 2019 will be accepted from September, 2015.


When you fill in and return the Propectus Request Form you will be sent a Registration Form. If you wish to proceed with an application please fill in this form and return it to the College with a registration fee of £250. 

Visiting a Boarding House

Three years ahead of entry, parents and children who are registered will be invited to make an appointment to visit two boarding houses on one of several designated afternoons. Parents may expect to be joined on their visit by three or four other interested families. We do recommend that children are included in this visit.

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Open Day and Enrolment

Parents and children receive an Enrolment Form and an invitation to come to an Open Day in October two years before entry. At this time parents who have not already visited a house will have the opportunity to do so.

The Enrolment Form enters a child for Assessment in the January or February of the following year. A number of Assessment dates will be offered to parents. On the Enrolment Form parents may state their house preference.

If numbers for Assessment prove to be too large to be manageable, the College may need to 'cap' the numbers who enrol. In such a case, preference will be given to those parents who have registered their child earliest for the school.

Soon afterwards, we request a reference from the Head of a child's current school and we ask the pupil to complete a questionnaire on their interests and connections with Marlborough.

Assessment Day

The Assessment will comprise:

  • arrival at 10.45am
  • a test for potential (taken on a computer)
  • an interview with the candidate's proposed Housemaster or Housemistress 
  • an interview with a general assessor
  • a report from the current school Head

Further information on Assessment will be given at the time of Enrolment.

Selection and Confirmation

Towards the end of the Lent Term, approximately eighteen months prior to entry, as a result of assessment, places will be offered either on the A List (firm place) or on the B List (waiting list).

Parents of children who are offered a place on the A List will be asked to confirm their choice of house using a confirmation form and to pay a deposit of £1,800. Overseas parents may also be required to pay a term's fees. If particular houses turn out to be oversubscribed, parents will be offered places in other houses.  Candidates who will require a Visa to study in the UK will also be required to pay an additional £250 administration fee at this time.

Parents are invited either to pay their deposits and to confirm or to decline the offer of a place on the A or B Lists, by the end of April.  To some parents we may regretfully suggest that Marlborough does not seem the school best suited to foster their children's talents.

Scholarships and William Morris All Rounder Awards

In February or March of the year of entry, Music, Academic, Art and Sports Scholarship assessments are taken. 

Click to view the 2015 Scholarship Prospectus

Common Entrance

Unless Academic Scholarship examinations have been taken in March all candidates who have been offered places on the A list will be expected to undertake Common Entrance in June.

For candidates attending schools which do not prepare for Common Entrance, different expectations apply. Contact us for more information.

Late Entry: The Master's List

The College will consider carefully applications from pupils which are made after the regular assessment date. Please click here for further information.