Entry 13+

Year of Entry:   

2018 - Applications are now closed for 13+ entry. Parents are welcome to enquire about 16+ entry in 2021.

2019 - Applications are now closed for 13+ entry. Parents are welcome to enquire about 16+ entry in 2022.
2020 - Enquiries, prospectus requests and registrations continue to be accepted for this year of entry. Two Open Day events have taken place for this year of entry. To arrange an Individual Visit appointment to view Marlborough College, or to Register your child in order to attend events such as a House Visit Day (Summer term, 2018) or the final Admissions Day (prior to the closing date of 5th November, 2018, please contact the Admissions Department here.

2021 - Currently taking enquiries, prospectus requests and registrations.  To arrange an Individual Visit appointment to view Marlborough College, or to Register your child in order to attend future events, please contact the Admissions Department here.

2022 onwards - Currently taking enquiries and prospectus requests. Registrations and visits commence from September 2018.

Admissions Procedures:

Please click on Admissions Information here to view procedures for particular years of entry.  Generally, the process is as follows:

1.    Prospectus Request:  A request for a prospectus and any other information about Marlborough College is welcome at any time. Contact details will be added to the College records in order to send information about initial visit events. If you would like a prospectus, please either click on ‘Request Prospectus’ or call the Admissions Department on 01672 892300.  The Admissions Team would be happy to talk you through the entry procedures.

2.    Visit Marlborough College:  Families are welcome to visit the College and can do so by attending an Open Day event for their son or daughter according to their year of entry, alternatively an individual visit can be arranged.
3.    Registration:  Parents can Register their son or daughter with the College four years prior to entry. In order to take the next step and visit Boarding Houses to meet with Housemasters or Housemistresses, completion and return of a Registration Form is required along with a Registration Fee, currently £250. Please contact the Admissions Department on 01672 892300.

4.    Boarding House Visits:  These events start over two years prior to entry are reserved for families who have Registered their son or daughter.  The Boarding House Visits take place during the Michaelmas and Summer Terms after the initial Open Day.  There are ten boys’ and five girls’ boarding houses at Marlborough College, therefore we recommend families take the opportunity to visit whenever possible. For further information about Boarding Houses, please click here.

5.    Enrolment:  Parents who would like their son or daughter to sit the Marlborough College Entry Assessment are required to complete, sign and return an Enrolment Form twenty-two months prior to entry date.  Preferred choices of boarding houses will, at this stage, need to be stated.  On receipt of the Enrolment Form the College requests a reference from the Head of the pupil’s current school.   Applications for bursarial support should also to be completed at this stage.

6.    Assessment:  All Enrolled children will be required to take the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) Pre-Test at their current school in Year 7.  Then, in the January, twenty months prior to entry date an Assessment Day takes place at Marlborough College and comprises two interviews; one with a Housemaster or Housemistress from one of the pupil’s preferred choices of Houses and a second with a senior member of College staff.

7.    Offers:  A List (firm place) or B List (waiting list) offers are made towards the end of the Lent Term, approximately eighteen months prior to entry. Parents are required to secure an accepted A List place within a month of offer by paying a deposit, currently £1,950. Parents who reside overseas are required to pay a term’s fees.  If particular Boarding Houses are oversubscribed, offers will be received for places in other Houses. At this stage, bursarial award applications will be confirmed to those who have gained an A List place. Further information about financial assistance can be found here. Parents will, at this stage, be asked to indicate if they are interested in their son or daughter applying for a scholarship award.
8.    Scholarships:  Those who would like to apply for a scholarship award are asked to indicate their interest on the A List place acceptance form. A List pupils’ schools are sent a scholarship pack in order to begin the scholarship application process.  Applications are invited for Academic, Music, Sport, Art and DT awards.  An all-rounder William Morris award is also an option. Art, DT and Sport ‘taster days’ are organised prior to the scholarship assessments, which take place in March, six months prior to arrival. Further information about scholarship awards can be found here.

9.    Common Entrance:  Pupils on the A List have a secured place at Marlborough. To ensure they maintain academic focus, all are expected to undertake Common Entrance examinations (with the exception of those who sit the Academic scholarship assessments).  Marlborough College uses the results of Common Entrance to determine each pupil’s sets on arrival. For pupils attending schools that do not prepare for CE, different expectations apply.  Please contact the Admissions Team or click here for more information.

Late Entry: The College will consider carefully late applications (called The Master’s List) from pupils made after the enrolment deadline date. Please click here for further information.