Entry 16+

Entering the Sixth Form is hugely exciting at any school, but particularly at Marlborough. 

It is a time when pupils intellectually come of age as they narrow down to a handful of chosen subjects to study, in small classes with like-minded individuals. Central to the success of the two short years of Sixth Form life is a pupil’s academic ambition and motivated drive. As well as studying four subjects at either A Level or Pre U, pupils have the opportunity to take an ‘Extended Project Qualification’ in an area of any interest, an AS Level in Creative Writing or language options.

To make an enquiry or request a prospectus for Sixth Form entry to Marlborough College please complete the form here.

Enquiries and Registrations for Sixth Form entry to Marlborough in 2017 are welcome at any point up until the closing date – 1st October, 2016. Sixth Form entry for 2016 is now closed.

Sixth Form Curriculum

Due to national changes to Sixth Form qualifications, AS examinations are currently being phased out at Marlborough College.

These national changes will allow for more thorough study of each subject, uninterrupted by revision and AS examinations. By the start of the academic year of 2017-18, A Levels will comprise wholly of “linear” courses, with all examinations taken at the end of the full two years of study.

The Sixth Form Curriculum Handbook below advises of these changes to the structure of A Levels. The individual syllabus codes and structures are liable to change during this transition period, though the content of each subject specification is unlikely to alter. This handbook will be updated periodically to reflect any changes.

Admissions Procedure for Sixth Form Entry 2017

Admissions procedures along with dates of 16+ visit events are outlined below: