Film Competitions

Short Film Competition 2011

Nine short-listed film-makers all interpreted inventively the theme 'Journey'.

Entrants submitted works that explored experimental two and three-dimensional animation, historical documentary footage manipulation, contrasting film and editing techniques and observational Fine Art.

In total, eleven films were presented to an appreciative audience. Mr Gordon and our Artist in Residence, Beatrice Haines, represented the judging panel this year. First Prize was awarded to Nick Clark-Bryan (BH Re) for 'Journey from Top to Bottom'.

Nick's original use of camera angles, editing techniques and his aesthetic visualisation of a rider and mountain bike's movement within a towering, still landscape, was highly praised. To view the film click on the video on the right of this page.

Second place went to Lucy Packard (EL U6) for '5 Trains'. This work was outstanding as Lucy's mix of nostalgic train journey footage juxtaposed a complex editing technique that fluidly displayed five separate, simultaneously running film sequences. Third place was shared between Dominic Oliver (C2 Re) for his skilfully hand-drawn animated short 'Enkle' and 'Journey Up', confidently created by Rory Brown (C3 Re).

The Audience Award also went to Dominic Oliver for 'Enkle', while Dan Dreyfus (LI Hu) came second, merging live action with animation in his film 'War'. All the students who submitted films are to be commended for the impressive amount of time they dedicated to developing their ideas - visualising, recording and thoughtfully editing their work, prior to entering the competition.

Mr J H Parnham