London Galleries 2011

This term, our Lower 6th Form students have been greatly inspired by visits to key London galleries to view, first hand, noteworthy exhibitions focusing on painting, film and architecture.

Our art students initially visited Tate Modern to view and make sketches from the highly regarded Gerhard Richter retrospective titled 'Panorama'. Major works by Richter, starting from the early 60's, took our students through the remarkable diversity of his art practice, which ranges from paintings in figuration and abstraction, to explorations with glass constructions, drawings and photographs. It was clear that Richter has continually questioned the capacity and boundaries of painting throughout his career.

Time was also set aside to watch the new, vast, moving image installation by Tacita Dean. 'Film' was presented in front of one of the extensive walls at the end of the Turbine Hall.The vertically projected 11 minute, silent, 35mm analogue film reminds us of the unique characterizing qualities inherent within this manner of film making, compared to present day digital techniques.

During the afternoon, as part of their AS and IB studies, our students enthusiastically made notes, sketched and photographed artworks on display at the Royal Academy's excellent 'Building the Revolution' exhibition. Russian avant-garde architecture is well represented from c.1922 to 1935, which was originally driven by the radical Constructivist art movement that emerged from c.1915. Architects transformed the innovative artists' paintings and drawings into structures that three dimensionally symbolized the optimism of the new Soviet State.

Within the Royal Academy's Annenburg Courtyard, a reconstruction of Vladimir Tatlin's 'Monument to the Third International' has been installed. This gave the group a final opportunity to create immediate accompanying sketches towards their coursework project.

Mr JH Parnham
Head of Art