A selection of Prefects and Upper Sixth students work together to coordinate and plan the College’s Charity events for the upcoming year, with the guidance of Mr Gordon (Head of Sixth Form) and Miss Scott (Head of Charities).

In addition to fundraising, we coordinate educational talks which provide pupils with the chance to see where their money is going and how it has helped to make a difference. We concentrate on working with smaller charities: this makes it easier to know exactly where our money will go and we can directly see the impact that it makes. As well as raising money we focus on using our skills to help others.

There are many different ways that we implement our goals and raise money. This year we ran smaller events such as Home Clothes Day and ROSEVEARE Sunday (Super Sunday).  In addition to the smaller events the Charity Think Tank works with the Lower Sixth in their £10 Challenge.  Their aim is to turn their given £10 into a larger amount for a given charity. Weekly assemblies provide an excellent open forum to inform pupils about charities and upcoming events either through members of the Charity Think Tank or outside charities speaking directly to the pupil body about their causes.

Our aims are:

• To improve the quality of life of others – responsibly research and choose charities that we believe will fulfil our criteria.

• To increase the awareness of global issues.

• To educate the student body how we can all individually make a difference.

• To encourage initiative and enterprise within the student body.

• To inform the student body how their actions and donations have helped to make a difference.

• To avoid taking privilege or position for granted but to utilise our advantages appropriately and responsibly.

Lent and Summer Term events include:

Skydive raises over £3,000

Roseveare Walk raises over £7,000 for charities

Home Clothes Day at College