Community Service

Community service is an integral part of life at Marlborough and pupils are involved in a wide range of activities throughout the year.

These activities mainly take place on Wednesday afternoons and offer the opportunity for pupils to give back something to the local community.

Many pupils work with young children either at primary schools, or with younger children in the homes of local families. Assistance is provided at a school for children with learning difficulties in Swindon and another group helps at a local “riding for the disabled group”.

In the Summer Term, an after-school club is organised for one hundred primary school pupils who are entertained with a wide range of outdoor games and activities.

Other activities include visits to local old peoples’ homes and day care centres where pupils have the opportunity to share experiences with the elderly and disabled.

A conservation group and Country Skills are involved in projects such as replanting and the preservation of the natural habitat around the river Kennet. Two groups of pupils work within boarding house kitchens baking cakes for sale; the proceeds are donated to charities chosen by the pupils.

Older pupils often assist with games coaching, recycling and the production of a range of in-house literary publications.