Sport Philosophy

Philosophy - Participation & Performance

Aim - To use sport as a vehicle for supporting and sustaining the ethos of the College which centres around human relationships, friendship, co-education, academia, boarding, spirituality, energy and enrichment, responsibility and leadership.

Sport is a universal language which transcends all age groups at Marlborough. It plays a central role in supporting the ethos of the College and a first class education.

Marlborough has a strong reputation for sport for both boys and girls and there is a very demanding fixture list, with depth in teams, backed up by extensive playing fields and facilities. The majority of pupils flourish in school or house teams while a few progress to county, regional, national and even Olympic level.

There is an opportunity for all pupils to maximise their potential via an extensive extra-curricular programme which is second-to-none. Pupils can participate in a rich range of sports commensurate with their abilities and every pupil should be able to find a skill to become engaged in. Teamwork is fostered, leaders are identified and moulded and pupils learn much about themselves and others; sport is a vehicle for personal development.

Participation in the majors sports is compulsory for all pupils in the Shell*. As pupils progress up the school, the major sports remain a priority but choice and flexibility increases so that by the time they are in the Upper Sixth they have complete freedom of choice.

After the Shell, a significant number of pupils are pre-selected for the major sports. This is to ensure that the College competes with depth as well as excellence and maintains its status and reputation within a competitive market place; it is particularly crucial that the College meets the fixture demands of the leading boys' and other co-educational public schools. However, there are opportuninites for pupils to participate in other physical activities outside the major sports programme during the week.

The College benefits from a team of elite and expert professional coaches, many of whom can boast their own impressive sporting achievements at national level. In addition, the majority of academic staff are enthusiastically committed to helping deliver the extensive sports programme.

* In the Summer Term the top 60 Shell boy cricketers are pre-selected although others not pre-selected can opt for cricket. Those not on the cricket list can then opt for tennis, athletics or swimming. The top 24 Shell girl tennis players are pre-selected after trials. Those not on the tennis list can then opt for athletics or swimming.