Student Publications

The Heretick

The Heretick stumbled into existence in 1924, the brainchild of the pupil and budding poet, John Betjeman (B2 1920-25).

In it, Betjeman included the articles and opinions of his friends, including Anthony Blunt who left Marlborough to become a member of the infamous 'Cambridge Five' spies. Its wry articles fought the overpowering sporting ethos of the College at the time, attempting to prove the might of intellectual thought over physical prowess, hence its motto 'Upon Philistia Will I Triumph.' From the start, articles were designed both to provoke and illuminate.

Given a recent facelift, today's Heretick is packed with a plethora of articles on subjects as diverse as Descartes and Morris dancing. Political concerns range from berating MPs and analysing world events to despairing at the gushing bureaucracy necessary to apply to university!

The magazine is still largely pupil generated and editions are published roughly once a term.


The Piccalilli magazine was set up in 2002 by a number of Sixth Form creative writing enthusiasts who wished to showcase the best of Marlborough students' prose, poetry and art work.

The magazine is published about twice each year and 2006 saw the first professionally printed edition.

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The Polyglot was inspired by a Modern Languages Magazine produced at the College in the 1980s.

It featured a mix of creative writing in different languages, translations, reviews and articles with contributions from both pupils and staff.

Revived in the Lent Term 2013 by a small team of Upper Sixth pupils, it will now be produced annually.

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