Design Technology

The Design Technology Department has four members of staff and two technicians and is housed in our open plan workshop which is situated alongside the Science department.

Design and Technology is studied by all pupils in the Shell year and they are taught in form groups for one lesson per week. During this foundation year pupils undertake a variety of design projects which encourage them to question and evaluate their design thinking. It is intended that pupils will have the opportunity to learn through practical activities.

At the end of the year pupils can opt to follow GCSE courses in either Product Design or Electronic Products. In the Sixth form pupils have the opportunity to study Product Design at A level, where they will undertake a range of more ambitious projects which match the needs of any promising young designer or engineer.

Departmental Aims

Design & Technology is becoming an increasingly complex subject. As user needs become more specialized and markets more competitive, understanding human biases and general design principles requires astute academic insight.

As a subject discipline it prepares pupils to engage with rapidly changing technologies and provides opportunities to respond to the environment in which they live. Here at Marlborough we seek to enable our pupils to explore their creativity and enjoy the wide ranging opportunities which Design & Technology can offer.

Through the provision of a stimulating and creative environment our pupils are encouraged to think and intervene imaginatively to improve quality of life. The subject calls for pupils to become creative problem solvers, as individuals and members of a team. They must look for needs and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of ideas which they can then communicate, through a design folio and practical solution.

There is a particular emphasis on the use of ICT as a means of conveying, resolving and realising ideas. The department has at its heart a desire to straddle the continuum between Science and Art; the technical and the aesthetic. Pupils are able to develop projects which match their level of interest and courses are offered to suit each end of this spectrum. They are supported by an experienced and dedicated staff who enjoy the challenge that project activities provide.

The courses studied look to develop pupils' knowledge and understanding of, and skills and application in, designing products. They will also develop their research, analysis, product development, project planning and evaluation skills.

These are skills which are transferable and are applicable to many different careers.