Course Outline

Lower School

In Year 9, the Shell, pupils are introduced to fundamental performance skills in a short course run in conjunction with English classes. Around 30 pupils per year opt to study GCSE Drama (Edexcel).

In the first year of the course, pupils develop the skills with which to devise their own original dramatic work and to interpret and realise characterisations from published plays.

In the second year these skills are extended in preparation for at least three assessed performance pieces, involving devised and improvised work and the performance of existing scripts.

The course culminates in a externally assessed performance that can range from an edited production of an established play to the creation of an original devised piece.

Upper School

AS and A2 Drama & Theatre Studies (Edexcel) is a demanding course that involves the study of plays from different periods and in strongly contrasting styles; these are examined not as literary texts but as blueprints for performance.

The course introduces pupils to the inspirational dramatic theories of eminent theatre practitioners; it requires the analysis of professional productions and an ability to solve technical challenges inherent in scripts. The production and performance of two substantial pieces of original drama, one devised and one of a published play, form part of the assessment.