The College piloted the Extended Project Level 3 in 2007 initially to enable post-astronomy GCSE work to be undertaken in the Lower Sixth.

Now entering its eighth full year, it is offered to both Upper and Lower Sixth pupils as an extra qualification. The EPQ is 100% coursework; internally marked and externally moderated. It is A-level standard (graded up to A*) but worth the UCAS points of an AS.

There is no restriction on the topic chosen or on the mode of final presentation. It can be a Dissertation, Investigation/Field Study, Performance or Artefact. It is completed in two terms.

Departmental Aims

We aim to offer a unique opportunity for pupils to excel in any area which inspires them. The rationale may be personal interest/hobby, future study or simply to do something different. It is ideally suited to pupils whose interests lie beyond the confines of the academic syllabus, for example those interested in Medicine, Law, Architecture, Archaeology, Film-making etc.

The emphasis and, indeed, the marks awarded are on the journey taken rather than the final outcome. It is not an essay or single task and is not subject specific; indeed it must go beyond subject boundaries. The skills involved are those of an undergraduate thesis. Pupils have to be self-motivated, be able to manage their own timings and deadlines, show an ability to think critically, research widely, reference in detail and build a formal bibliography. They must then synthesize their research and present it orally to a small audience and answer questions, which is part of the assessment.

Department Staff

The Department consists of Mr Barclay (Director) who acts as internal moderator and proposal checker and is a Principal Moderator externally for Edexcel and co-author of the Qualification.

In 2015 Taught Course tutors were Mrs Shearn, Dr Campbell, Mrs Finn, Miss von Weisenberg, Mr Dennis and Mrs Bennett. 26 other Common Room staff were involved as Tutors.

In 2014, 38 other common room staff acted as Tutor-Assessors.