The academic identity of the Geography Department is firmly linked to the important themes of sustainability, diversity, environmentalism, globalization, hazard management and internationalism.

Geography is the integrated study of the earth’s places, peoples, environments and societies, with an emphasis on linkage and synthesis.  450-500 pupils study Geography at the College. The Department Shell course leads in to the Edexcel IGCSE; at Sixth form level pupils study AQA A level. Fieldwork is very important at all levels and includes residential work on the South Coast and day trips to Bath, Swindon and Cherhill Hill. Overseas field destinations have included Iceland, Tenerife, France and Portugal.

The Department has a dynamic tradition of running inspiring and stimulating expeditions abroad exploring geographical and cultural diversity.  Expedition destinations since 2002 have included China, Cuba, Myanmar, Eastern Turkey, the Sinai Desert, Jordan and Sri Lanka. Trips to Namibia, Peru and Ladakh have been run jointly with other Departments. Trips have a combination of cultural, outward bound and nature based objectives. All trips emphasise the development of life skills including initiative, self-reliance and leadership.

The Geography Society has a number of events each year, many of which bring in outside speakers.  We invite speakers (both pupils and adults) to present academic encounters and to inspire an interest in nature, adventure and travel.  Information technology has a high profile in our subject.  The digital revolution provides significant exposure to powerful and inspiring software, rewarding internet research and to infographical design opportunities through both project report publication and individual and team presentations.