History is a very popular and dynamic subject at Marlborough, with approximately 120 pupils taking the IGCSE every year and around half that number carrying on to Pre U/IB. As a department we aim to encourage a lifelong interest and enthusiasm for the reading and study of history, and to develop skills of independent critical enquiry, analysis and the construction of sharply focused and detailed argument. Teaching extends well beyond the exam syllabus and pupils are encouraged to explore individual lines of enquiry and also the culture, art and literature of the time in order to build up a deeper contextual understanding.  

Departmental Aims

The department aims to encourage enjoyment of the study of history amongst all pupils whatever their abilities, and to develop interest in the subject and in the way in which it impinges on our daily lives and to develop the capacity to understand and appreciate the main historical/cultural/political features of societies past and present.

Through the study of these subjects pupils should develop appropriate skills of research, critical evaluation, analysis, discussion, explanation, and argument, and the ability to organise ideas. We aim to promote attitudes and habits of scholarship through the encouragement of lively debate in the classroom and the development in effective independent study habits out of class. We wish to enable pupils to achieve the best possible result in their external exams, both to give them encouragement and confidence in the subject and also to keep doors open for Higher Education applications.