Course Outline

The taught course is based on Creating, Communication & Collaboration and is designed to provide all pupils with a good understanding of a wide range of applications, and the ability to use the internet intelligently.  In the Remove the focus shifts to the application of these skills to improve learning and to meet the rigours of coursework and Sixth form options such as the EPQ.

ICT is also part of the PSHE program and issues around the use of the internet, email and other communication tools, the use of social-networking sites, and online safety are all examined in detail.

GCSE Computer Science (AQA) is a programming course that requires the pupils to develop a broad understanding of traditional programming, web programming, game development and mobile app development; and to implement a major project in two of these fields. The two projects each contribute 30% of their final grade and the remaining 40% is completed with a single examined paper.

The College has an extensive network and all pupils are provided with a fixed connection to it from their study bedrooms, and wireless access (for upto three devices each, typically at least a mobile ‘phone and a laptop) around the campus.

Many curriculum applications are available over these connections and some are licensed for installation on pupil-owned devices too.  

Parents and pupils have access to a considerable amount of information through web-portals and there is a thriving web community amongst the alumni.