Course Outline

A Level

The course aims to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of: anatomical and physiological factors affecting body and mind readiness; motor skill development; socio-cultural factors impacting upon regular participation and the achievement of excellence through physical activity; historical concepts which impacted and continue to impact upon participation and improved competence in physical activity; psychological concepts such as attitudes and achievement motivation; comparative studies of the USA, Australia and the UK; biomechanical concepts required for technical efficiency.  In the A level there are options which help students to focus on areas that provide greater interest for them.   

The application of the knowledge gained will help lead to an improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the students’ performance in roles such as performer, leader/coach and official.  It will also enable students to evaluate lifestyle choices critically in relation to their impact on body systems and lifelong participation in physical activity as part of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle.

GCSE Level

This course aims to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of following a healthy and active lifestyle.  The course is split into two sections; section one includes how to develop sporting skills and techniques, decision making in the different roles of a participant, official and leader; how to evaluate and improve a sporting performance and finally the key components of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Section two encompasses the opportunities and pathways that exist to encourage participation, the reasons why we participate and the barriers that hinder participation together with social, cultural, locational factors and how schools and significant others can influence lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity.