The Biology Department is housed in a listed 1934 building by the architect W. G. Newton.  Facilities include seven laboratories, ICT facilities, lecture theatre, library, glasshouse, and small animal collection. We can also exploit the outdoor classroom offered by the River Kennet, and two well-established trout lakes, chalk downlands, and the nearby ancient Savernake Forest. We are firm believers in learning by doing; practical work and independent research are central to the subject.
The department encourages exploration beyond the classroom, be it reading and discussion groups, badger watching by moonlight, ecology field work, lectures followed by dinner with visiting speakers or participation in expeditions such as the Wilderness trip to South Africa.

Departmental Aims

The Biology Department aims to enable college students to:

1.    sustain and develop their interest in biology in its broadest sense; as an academic subject, through appreciation of the natural world and in relation to hobbies, sports, health and current developments in medicine and technology.
2.    develop an understanding of how scientists work and how scientific ‘knowledge’ is acquired and tested, so that they may begin to judge competing claims to knowledge.
3.    develop knowledge and understanding of facts, principles and concepts from different areas of biology and  make and use connections between them.
4.    recognise the value and responsible use of biology in society and be able to engage in ethical and environmental debate in an informed manner;