Life in Preshute

Life in Preshute

Despite being arguably the furthest from the action and geographically distanced from the midst of school life, Preshute’s intangible atmosphere is second to none.

The seven-minute thinking time to and from lessons is considered the most valuable 14 minutes of the day. It is where the lifelong ambitions commence or the excuses for missed prep or late arrival start to brew. The unrealistic but ‘always wanted to try’ excuse “an alien attacked me; it just came out of nowhere…” or perhaps a bit more realistic; “the Marvin’s cats stole my shoes” or the faultless (simple yet effective one-liner) “Preshute” gaining notoriety for its protection against chits!

For me, being an active member of school life, seizing the opportunities of some of the weird and wonderful activities that Marlborough has to offer, Preshute really feels as close to home as possible, where rest and recuperation is littered with fun and friendly banter, the cheerful chatter of the lobby acting as an instant medicine for stress and countless friendly faces greeting your arrival.

Despite being thrust into a minority group of new arrivals amongst an intimidatingly large sixth form, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease and speed at which school life became second nature. From the occasional question of “where do you find M19” or “what time is supper at The Norwood Hall” I found by half-term I was thoroughly set in my stride, paroling the hallways with true Sixth Form dignity. With a friendly colloquial reminder here and there I soon realised that referring to Norwood as ‘The Norwood Hall’ was a fatal flaw, exposing my true ‘newbie’ heritage.

As a lover of the arts and sports, I quickly wanted to establish my name amongst the coaches and teachers of the departments, gaining a proud but nerve racking position in the open XI and a decent part in the hard hitting, challenging school play, “The Revengers Tragedy”. Through a well-planned timetable, any thoughts I had about home were swiftly eliminated as I embraced the “hit the ground running” ethos. On reflection, the first term I had at Marlborough was one of the most exciting, rewarding and exhilarating times, something I have tried to maintain throughout the year whilst making memories that will last forever.

The idea of coming to Marlborough was always a serial one for me, as my brothers before me had been its biggest promoters. The decision to join at Sixth Form instead of following my brothers in Shell was a difficult one, but one that identified to me that no matter where or when you come to Marlborough you will always be welcome.

Before September I only had the names of the four other girls that I were to be living with. The idea of sharing a bathroom let alone a bedroom with another girl - only walls away from boys - was a daunting one, an idea that was quickly smashed to pieces due to the friendships and bonds that are rapidly created.

Becky Addison (PR U6)