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Commemoration and Prize Day

Category: General

Commemoration and Prize Day takes place at the College this Saturday and commemorative programmes for the day have been produced.They will be available to parents and provide an outline which showcases the diversity representative of a College that values tradition whilst forever progressing. May... More »

OM Reading Prize

Category: Academic

On 19th April 2015, Oliver Bashall (C1 Sh) won the Old Marlburian Reading Prize for his truthful and powerful reading of his and Sophie Gow's (MM Sh) work inspired by Chatwin's In Patagonia.To enter the competition, Shell pupils create and perform a written piece which has been inspired by poetry... More »

Review: Canon Andrew White

Category: Speakers

Canon Andrew White (aka The Vicar of Baghdad) treated the Shell and Remove and a few lucky members of the Sixth Form to a truly unique lecture on ‘Faith under Fire’ on Monday 18th May.  The remarkable heart and motivation of a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who goes to work with a bullet proof... More »

Pupil Achievements: Summer Term

Category: Pupil Achievements

A round-up of Pupil Achievements from the Summer Term so far can be found below... Congratulations to Oli Grant (MO L6) who has received news that she has got into the National Youth Theatre.Well done to Ella Bennett (IH Hu) who has been selected for the GB sailing team to compete in... More »

Review: Music Technology Recital

Category: Music, Events, General

In a year which has seen dramatic development in the technical side of music making within the College (Illumination, Battle of the Bands, Music in Court on Prize Day), it was perhaps no surprise that there was significant interest and enthusiasm from the pupil perspective towards the Music... More »

Leadership Academy

Category: Academic

Henry Martin (PR L6) and Molly Macaire (NC L6) have both been successful in their applications to the McKinsey Leadership Academy this summer. The McKinsey programme is extremely competitive and this year pupils from over 130 individual schools applied.As part of the McKinsey Leadership... More »

Blog: Multitalented

Category: Sport

IT'S been a couple of weeks since the last blog entry entitled ‘here comes the sun’ was published.  In that time, we’ve certainly lost the sun (at times), but fortunately very few matches have been cancelled and it’s been great to watch more top quality sport filling the pitches and courts of... More »

Regional Recognition

Category: Sport, General, Pupil Achievements

Following the successful completion of the Wiltshire Junior Development Centre (JDC) training, Celeste Spink (MO Re) represented Wiltshire U16 girls and Georgia Dunlop (MO Re) represented U15 girls at the regional JAC tournament. From this tournament, Celeste got selected for the West Hockey U17... More »

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