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History and the Arts Society

Category: Academic

The History and the Arts Society continued its programme of trips on Sunday 24th April with a visit to two 'Imagined Worlds' - Old Wardour Castle and Stourhead Garden. The idea was that we should explore two fantastical landscapes, whose creation was driven by contrasting dreams: chivalry (in the... More »

London Exhibitions

Category: General, Academic, Trips

History of Art students in the Lower Sixth took the chance to catch on Thursday 21st April three important exhibitions currently showing in London. The first is the "Botticelli Reimagined" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the second, the "In the Age of Giorgione"... More »

International University Successes

Category: General, Academic

“Fit” has been the buzzword for our 2015-16 International University application season - it is a word that plays heavily on the minds of admissions tutors at US universities, in particular. Pupils will always look to aim high and apply to certain schools but this year our pupils have considered a... More »

2016 British Physics Olympiad

Category: Academic, General, Pupil Achievements

2016 British Physics Olympiad AS and GCSE Challenge results In the 2016 GCSE Challenge paper Tuomas Laakkonen (B1 Hu) gained a much coveted Gold award, coming in the top 3% of the UK entry of some 3400 pupils. 11 other pupils achieved Bronze awards and six College pupils gained Bronze awards in... More »

History Department Events

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Any impartial, unbiased, and balanced historical view of the History Department’s events this term would find it necessary to acknowledge that we were extremely fortunate to be visited by two most impressive and interesting speakers, Professor Robert Tombs (from Cambridge) and Jonathan Parish (from... More »

UK Chemistry Olympiad 2016

Category: Academic, General, Pupil Achievements

The Chemistry Olympiad paper is a national competition/written test of chemical knowledge and understanding, designed to be accessible to able Year 13 students. The questions are usually interesting and challenging on real and relevant chemistry, raising awareness of what the subject is all about.... More »

Tables Turned for Academic Scholars

Category: Academic, General

Over the past fortnight the Academic Scholars from the Hundred have taken a break from GCSE preparation to see what it's like to be on the other side of the desk.  Having started independent research projects last term on topics ranging from the philosophical, such as the nature of Time, to... More »

Review: Rory Knight Bruce

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

So how do you get ahead in journalism?  We were fortunate enough to have Rory Knight Bruce come to the College to talk about the profession and his career. Mr Knight Bruce has had a varied career writing for a number of newspapers and magazines, including Country Life and the Evening... More »

Salisbury Classical Reading Competition

Category: Academic, General, Pupil Achievements

There were excellent performances in Tuesday’s annual Classical Reading Competition at Godolphin School in Salisbury, where pupils read aloud a passage of Latin or Greek, which they have prepared beforehand, some from memory (memoriter). The College entered seven categories, winning four and... More »

Review: Dr Kevin Lin OBE

Category: Academic, Speakers, General

Last Friday night, Marlborough had the honour of hosting Dr Kevin Lin OBE, the founder of KL Communications and a world specialist in Chinese and English interpreting. Dr Lin is the lead interpreter for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and has acted as interpreter for Her Majesty the Queen and... More »

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