Schools Determine University Chances

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The Sutton Trust, an educational charity set up by the millionaire philanthropist Sir Peter Lampl, released a report in July 2011: 'Degrees of Success: University Chances by Individual Schools'. The report appears to demonstrate that schools differ considerably in the levels of aspiration they engender in their pupils and in the quality of preparation they provide for selection for higher education, particularly when considering entry to highly selective universities.

The report looked at the top thirty most selective universities in Scotland, England and Wales, (which is the same as the 30 most selective according to the latest Times University Guide) with over 500 undergraduate entrants each year. 

The Sutton Trust then proceeded to rank the leading 100 secondary schools in terms of both the percentage of application success, and also the total number of higher education applicants accepted at the universities over three years. 

Of the full boarding schools Marlborough ranks 4th with an 82% acceptance rate to the top 30 universities, a score bettered only by Westminster School, St Paul's School and Winchester College. Marlborough's 442 successful applicants over three years were fewer than only Eton College (589) and Westminster School (470). To see these rankings please click here.

This report shows that in gaining places at the most selective universities in the UK applicants benefit hugely from the preparation their schools give them in order to present strong applications to their chosen universities via UCAS. The contributions of Marlborough's beaks, tutors and HMs all make Marlborough's university guidance and application programme so effective.

By seeking feedback from present students and OMs on a regular basis the H.E. & Careers Department has aimed to provide the best advice and opportunities for students in an increasingly competitive market. 

Ali Vyvyan (MO U6)

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