Review: Liederabend

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The Liederabend on Tuesday evening was once again a magnificent evening of European song and, now in its ninth year, another very successful collaboration between the Modern Languages and Music Departments.

Twenty of some of the finest continental songs were performed by singers from the Shell to the Upper Sixth, showing a fine range of colour and style from the declamatory to the tender, the epic to the restrained, the German Baroque to post-war French popular song. In all of the singers there was a wonderful sense of engagement and communication, and a rich variety of timbres to the clear delight of a full Adderley room.

The evening was enhanced by the original translations by Upper School linguists and programme notes on the poetry and songs. The setting of the Adderley was perfect for the evening, and the sense of sharing in the rich cultural history of Europe was enchanting. Bravo to all involved, and particular thanks are due to Clare Toomer, whose expert accompaniment was such a part of the evening's success. It was truly a first-rate concert - congratulations to one and all!

Andrew Brown
Head of Modern Languages

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