Review: Careers Speed Dating

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On Tuesday 7th February, the Hundred were given a series of enlightening talks about careers and the future by Old Marlburians.

Each OM represented a different career, ranging from banking and engineering to drama and the creatives. The format was set up like speed-dating, meaning we sat in small groups for about five minutes as OMs one by one explained their career and the process of how they got there, and then answered our questions.

I think all of us can say that this was extremely useful as not only did it open our minds to lots of different career paths, but it also taught us how to choose our subjects for A levels, which should be those subjects we enjoy. As we are all making decisions on our A level choices (which can be a stressful and difficult process) we are getting to a point where future jobs and university applications are not very far away. Although their talks could be quite daunting, the OMs were able to help us as they were once in our shoes and they remember how the pressure can be hard. To be able to have this opportunity was amazing as well as helpful.

I would like to thank all the OMs for giving up their time to come and talk to us.

Inès Casini (MM Hu)

Below are the OMs who attended:

Tom Adams (CO 2002-07), Tech Start-ups
Oliver Azis (LI 2001-06), Talent Agent
Archie Chappel (C2 2004-09), Investment Manager
Noah Devereux (B1 2001-06), Charity
James Gerard (SU 2004-09), Property Development
Louise Harvey (NC 2004-09), Financial PR
Cass Horowitz (C3 2004-09), Journalism
Louise Kingham (SU 2008-10), Clinical Research
Xanthe Kueppers (SU 2002-04), Law
Patrick McGown (LI 2004-09), Medicine
Georgia Parker (CO 2007-09), Deloitte Gap Year/Graduate scheme
Fred Puckle Hobbs (LI 2004-09), Investment Banking
Henry Price (CO 2006-11), Engineering
Molly Rowan Hamilton (MO 2004-09), Brand Strategist/Design Agency
Harry Vickers (SU 2000-05), Renewable Energy

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