Oxbridge Success

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We are thrilled for the eleven Marlburians who have achieved places or offers of places, this year, at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge:

Freya Andreae (IH U6)
Olivia Bryant (PR 2015-17)
Peter Corti (LI U6)
Adam Dalrymple (SU U6)
Georgia Gibson (EL 2012-17)
Eloise Newman (PR 2015-17)
Isabella Nicholson (SU U6)
Islay Stopford Sackville (NC 2012-17)
Jonathan Venn (C3 2012-17)
Alice Wright (NC U6)
Katya Yan (MO U6)

Whilst there is still much to be done for a number of these pupils, the scale of their achievement so far should not be underestimated. Each year, both at Marlborough and all over the world, outstanding young men and women are not offered places by Oxford and Cambridge - men and women who would have excelled at either university, and who will undeniably go on to great success elsewhere. The scale of competition from the best pupils abroad, and, increasingly, from state schools in the UK, is not to be underestimated.

We wish these pupils luck as they prepare for entry into these elite institutions. In the same breath, we also wish our best to all those pupils awaiting decisions on other ultra-competitive courses at a number of top international universities, as well as congratulating those who have secured such offers or places already.

Jaideep Barot
Deputy Head (Academic) 

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