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IB Visual Arts Exhibition

Category: Art

Our present group of IB Visual Arts students, Margo Munro Kerr (MM U6), Sujaan Punja (MO U6), Josephine Kinnear (IH U6) and Matteo Rossant (TU U6) closed the Lent Term exhibition programme with a thought provoking presentation of their creativity within the Mount House Gallery.It is a necessity for... More »

Art School Trip to Madrid

Category: Trips, Art

Eliza Edwards (EL L6) and Charlotte Flatischler (NC L6) review the Art School trip to Madrid...On arrival, our moods were immediately lifted, after an early start, by the bright, clear sky and the flamboyant friendliness of the locals. We only had to step out of our central hotel to visit the... More »

Art Scholars' Show

Category: Art, Events

Art Scholars meet every Thursday and working alongside the Artist-in-Residence, Claire Bayliss, they focus on developing new skills and alternative creative approaches to making art. The Art Scholars' show in January 2014 at the Mount House Gallery presented an opportunity for students to exhibit... More »

‘Reviewing the Familiar'

Category: Art

‘Reviewing the Familiar', an exhibition by Martha Gibson (MO U6), is the culmination of her Extended Project Qualification. In the Mount House, Martha has carefully chosen a handful of well-known paintings and challenges the visitor to see them in a 'different light'. The exhibition is open to the... More »

Beaks' Art Exhibition

Category: Art

The next beaks’ art exhibition takes place later this month, when a range of works will go on show in the Mount House Gallery.Visual Art Co-ordinator Vincent Stokes explains more about what’s going to be on show.He said: “There has been a long-standing tradition in the College that those who teach... More »

Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

Category: Art

Our new Artist-in-Residence for this academic year Claire Bayliss is currently holding an exhibition called 'Stones and other objects'. The exhibition  runs until November 10th.  More »

A Decade of Expression – OM art from the 1995 – 2005 decade

Category: Art

On this term’s OM Club Day, the Mount House Gallery hosted an exhibition of art by a number of OMs from the 1995 – 2005 decade. The idea for the exhibition came from three OMs – Zanny Mellor (MM 2000-05), Georgie Borthwick (NC 2000-05) and Lucinda Lovell (MM 1999-02), who are keenly aware that this... More »

End of Year Art Exhibitions

Category: Art

Our Art students have created an extensive range of impressive works, thoughtfully presented at key exhibitions within the Mount House Gallery and Art School. These include our annual Art Scholars’, IB Visual Arts, GCSE and A level shows. The closing exhibition for this term expressed a creative... More »

Artist in Residence Closing Exhibition

Category: Art

Ian Wilkins closed the Mount House Gallery programme for this academic year with his final solo exhibition at the College, 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?'. Ian took this opportunity to create and co-ordinate a suite of new print and mixed media resolutions to provide intriguing combinations of colour... More »

Artist in Residence Exhibition

Category: Art

The closing exhibition of the 2012-2013 school year features the work of our current artist-in-residence, Ian Wilkins. Ian's highly accomplished prints are presented as 'objects', rather than works on paper. His use of both subtle and vibrant colour combinations in a feast for the eyes. Ian's... More »

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