Relics of the Now Summer Exhibition by Joe Doldon


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Joe Doldon, Artist in Residence 2011-12

On first viewing the gallery interior one is struck by the breadth of materials Joe has explored to create his dynamic sculptures. On closer observation, the variation in texture, form and scale that Joe accomplishes in order to create sensitive detail, also becomes impressively apparent.

Joe explains within his exhibition statement,  'My work always stems from an exploration of materials to which I am naturally drawn. This interest is initially based in their aesthetic make up and their potential to be manipulated'.

His statement is clearly understood when viewing 'Contortions of Magnificent Proportions'. Here, Joe has transformed found wooden blinds into a writhing, vortex of forms, literally into and around one corner space of the gallery.

Joe has carefully curated works from his rich portfolio of art completed during his one year residency. Our students have been inspired by the diversity of his ideas and craft, controlling an extraordinary selection of natural and manmade materials including icing sugar, foam, plaster, fibre glass, breeze blocks, concrete, bitumen and mdf. Found materials such as rope, corrugated steel and wooden blinds are also equally integral. For 'Frills and Shards', Joe surprises the viewer by juxtaposing a hand carved breeze block stack with a manufactured display board, embellished with delicately piped Rococo style icing sugar motifs.

This coming Autumn Joe has been invited to hold a solo exhibition at Blank Space Gallery, Manchester. The prestigious show has been organised as the result of Joe winning 'The Title Art Prize' this academic year, during his residency at Marlborough.

Mr JH Parnham
Head of Art

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