Artist in Residence Closing Exhibition

Category: Art

Ian Wilkins closed the Mount House Gallery programme for this academic year with his final solo exhibition at the College, 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?'. Ian took this opportunity to create and co-ordinate a suite of new print and mixed media resolutions to provide intriguing combinations of colour pattern and texture.

Within his exhibition Ian believes 'that through a multitude of playful shapes and repeated designs, he has constructed an abstract vocabulary that presents a rich visual dialogue across both wall and floor-based works'.

Over the year, Ian has been an exceptionally kind and committed Artist in Residence. His subtle humour and honesty have found great respect amongst the many students he has worked with. He is an excellent communicator who has supported our Art Scholars, both in furthering their artistic skills, and also importantly, helping the Scholars to curate their own exhibition within the Mount House Gallery. His enthusiasm and passion for sharing his artistic practice have been highly appreciated.


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