Artist in Residence Summer Exhibition

Category: Art

Artist in Residence for 2013/14, Claire Bayliss, closed the Mount House Gallery programme for this academic year with her final solo exhibition at the College.

Claire took this opportunity to first reflect on the work she has undertaken during this busy year, prior to deciding upon her final selection, and, specifically the theme of her show. It is clear that Claire has been inspired by the great history of the locations she has visited and lived amongst over the past couple of years, specifically, Wiltshire and Norfolk.

An engaging element of her practice is her obsession for research and discovery, She has made brilliant reference to the ‘archaeological findings’ held at the Devizes Museum and even organised an Art Scholars' trip to view an exhibition of sketchbooks at the local Rabley Drawing Centre.

Within a recent statement regarding her practice Claire stated: “I have been watching for moments that emerge out of the flow of rural life, hunting for fragments of interest and encounters with history; motoring around the countryside, making brass rubbings, tracing medieval graffiti, and watching scraps of stained glass cast over crumbling masonry."

Claire is a thoughtful Artist in Residence, who has displayed great enthusiasm for working with a number of our Shell pupils, GCSE classes and our Art Scholars. This commitment has included the sensitive curating of our Scholars’ annual exhibition, held within the Mount House Gallery.

Her love of printmaking and drawing has found great regard amongst the many students she has worked with.

Jon Parnham
Head of Art

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