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This term, exhibitions in Common Room and The Heywood Block show the work of two young Wiltshire artists.  Both work in monochrome and interestingly, neither of them went to art school.

David Robinson, intrigued and frustrated by his daily commute from Swindon to Oxford, took to drawing his fellow passengers at the station and on the train. The drawings were then transferred to vivid lino prints that are simple and stark reminders of people in moments when they least expect to be observed. The routine and grind of daily travel makes somnambulists of figures normally alert and responsive to all around them.

Richard Barlow scribes a long and twisting line from one edge of a page to the other making drawings that each take around 80 hours to complete. The result is a complex web like construction in pen on paper repeated in over 40 drawings, the process very much the same but every one startlingly different. Richard grew up and went to school in Pewsey and has been quietly making these soft and lyrical pieces for over seven years, but this is the first time he has shown any work in exhibition.

However different the work of these two artists might seem there is a link in the repetitiveness of the action they describe, whether travelling the same journey every day or drawing variations on the same line. In repetition there is certainly difference.

Ray Ward
Coordinator of Visual Art

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