Resident Tourist by Timothy Betjeman

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Timothy Betjeman started the new term in the Mount House as Artist in Residence with a versatile and accomplished exhibition.

The diversity of Betjeman’s work is immediately impressive. He might be working directly from the landscape, kitchen sink studies in his studio or building montages on glass with paper, paint and gold leaf, but one thing binds all these together and that is the consistency of Timothy’s draughtsmanship.

Many of you may have seen Tim painting and drawing around the College and further afield. He is working in a centuries old tradition known as 'en plein air' that may initially appear old fashioned or even unnecessary. However, there will always be room for invention and development in tried and tested styles and techniques.

Anyone who visited this show will be looking forward not only to meeting Tim but also to seeing what is in his final show next June. Through Betjeman’s acute vision we have seen Monet’s garden at Giverny, All Saints Church, Margaret Street in London along with homages to Bosch and Goya. Currently in his art school studio there is a large ink drawing full of brash, confident strokes that might be a hint of what we have in store. One thing is sure, this residency is going to be packed full of drawing and painting that will surprise and delight.

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Ray Ward
Coordinator of Visual Art

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