EPQ at the Mount House Gallery

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A thought-provoking and impressive exhibition at the Mount House Gallery by three EPQ students took us into Lent half-term.

‘Previous Representations of Diogenes in Art’ by Ellie Allan (LI L6) is an essay following the life and beliefs of the Cynic philosopher culminating in a mixed media art work. Six chapters, ‘Shamelessness’, ‘Philanthropy’, ‘Deface the Coinage’, ‘Living in Accordance with Nature’ and ‘Cosmopolitanism’ relate Cynicism to a broad list of artists. Ellie also places Diogenes in a contemporary setting, imagining him as a man of today and how he might live now. It is a brilliant and enlightening exhibit to be seen by all ‘Citizens of the Universe’.

Georgie Nicholas (MM U6) has transformed a room into the den of a B movie character. It appears sickly, bright and almost kitsch until you realise these are real cases of serial killers and their victims. Chillingly, we watch a small child skipping along a path while transcripts are read from the words of the killers themselves. Georgie cleverly draws us into this dark and repulsive world where we might wonder if our own fascination is entirely healthy.

‘The Evolution of Art’ by Phoebe Westgate (EL L6) is like a grand tour without a conventional guide book where she describes what you are seeing without a title, artist or date. If you think you understand art this exhibition tests what your knowledge might be. The task at the end of her show is to try and identify the art works. Every previous notion you once held is now challenged and even if you know the answers you wonder if you have been asking the right questions each time you look at an art work.

All these exhibitions question our view of the world and ask us to re-examine our values. In a society that might suddenly seem unstable the three curators have given us an opportunity to try and make some sense of it. The depth of research, attention to detail and consideration involved is impressive.

Ray Ward
Visual Art Coordinator

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