L6 Photographers’ Creative Trip

Category: Art

Lacock Abbey is currently hosting a fascinating art installation, enabling the public to experience, through virtual reality, an original exhibition first created in 1839 by pioneering photographer and amateur scientist William Henry Fox Talbot.

His artefacts and photographic experiments (that now have to be preserved in light-proof vaults) are aptly re-staged for the 21st Century by Mat Collishaw, a contemporary fine artist working within the fields of Photography and Sculpture.

Collishaw’s innovative artwork, titled Thresholds, cleverly took us back in time through the latest digital devices and provided our Lower 6th Photographers the rare opportunity to explore the original 19th century photography and science exhibition, entirely through immersive virtual reality technology.

Our students were also able to photograph the elegant grounds and abbey, where the earliest known negative was taken by Fox Talbot with a mousetrap camera in 1835.

Thresholds is being held at Lacock Abbey until 29th October 2017.

Jonathan Parnham
Head of Visual Arts Promotion

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