Review: Art Scholars' Exhibition

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The theme of this year’s annual Art Scholars’ Exhibition was “175/50”; a reflection on the 175th anniversary of the opening of the College, as well as 50 years since girls first joined.

The 21 members of the scholars’ group were asked to interpret the theme as they wish, with many focusing on personal insights and experiences of being a Marlburian. This also included a focus on the history of girls studying at Marlborough College. Valuable reference was found in the College archives in relation to the first girls who joined the College.

The opening night received a great reception, despite the heavy snow and general poor weather conditions. Not only were there a large number of members of the local community interested in the show, but also staff and students from the College. The relevance of the subject matter as well as quality of work attracted many people. General feedback on the exhibition was very positive, with many commenting on the diversity of approaches to the topic. 

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Every member of the scholars’ group had at least one sustained work in the show; with many featuring two to three. A variety of media was included, such as painting, drawing, film, installation, photography, ceramics and textiles, which demonstrated the artistic ability of Marlborough College pupils. Special mention must be made to Julia Schuster, the Artist in Residence for 2018, and Mr Twohig, the Head of Art, for working with the Art Scholars’ on the curation of the exhibition.

Morgan Pollard (C3 U6)
Art Scholar

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