Review: The Lent Event

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Daf Meirion-Jones (PR 1983-88) was a student at Marlborough in the 1980s.  After leaving school, he captained the England schoolboys’ rugby team, studied Geography at Cambridge University, taught at Wellington College and was then ordained as a priest in the Church of England. 

At the end of February, he returned to his schoolboy haunt here at Marlborough for four days as guest speaker at the Lent Event, during which he sought to engage the College community in discussions on the relevance of Christianity to all of life.

Daf’s straight-talking style and direct manner got pupils and staff talking about some of the big questions in life as he delivered a series of talks on Luke’s Gospel.  With titles such as ‘What would Jesus say to Richard Dawkins?’ and ‘What would Jesus say to a lap-dancer?’ lively debate was never far away and the opportunity to reflect on spiritual matters was appreciated by a great number of individuals, as was the Text a Toastie event on the Sunday night after prep, when 70 or so pupils received an answer to a question they had asked about Christianity along with a cheese or ham toastie delivered to their boarding house by a committed team of staff and pupils.

When the 45-minute open-floor discussion was finally wrapped up after the last night’s talk, it was clear that the Lent Event had made a big impression.  As one Sixth Form Philosophy pupil commented, “it was really insightful and interesting, but not necessarily things that I agree with wholeheartedly.” 

Regardless of where people stood on Christianity, it was obvious that everyone had been encouraged to engage with matters of significance and at the end of the day we were left to agree or disagree with a series of enjoyable and thought-provoking talks.

Peter Morley-Fletcher
Chaplaincy Assistant

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