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In the midweek services, the Senior Chaplain spoke about the overturning of the tables of the money-changers by Christ in the Temple.

He related this to Christ’s sense of injustice over people taking economic advantage of each other, and likened this to the Consumer Capitalism that manipulates and victimises young people into believing that ‘to be is to buy’, by virtue of accumulating and amassing material goods. These are lifeless themselves, and we are wrong to believe that they will bring us what we truly seek in life.

The Shell Chapel on Wednesday afternoon was visited by the Gideon’s Society who handed out free New Testaments to all the pupils.

On Sunday morning the ‘Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple’, or Candlemas, was featured. One pupil from each of the Boarding Houses presented a lit candle at the Altar, symbolising the ongoing prayers, hopes, dreams and wishes of themselves and their fellow boarders.

The guest at the Sunday evening speaker series offered a talk on ‘Faith in Art’ with a particular focus on Michelangelo. We were delighted to welcome Mr Adam Rattray, Head of Art History at Wellington College.

Roman Catholic and Church of England Confirmation classes are thriving and ongoing, with good feedback from pupils. 

The Rev. Tim Novis
Senior Chaplain, Marlborough College

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