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The Chapel pictured on Wednesday morning following light snow in Marlborough

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Another full schedule of services and events featured for the Chaplaincy over the past two weeks.

The Assistant Chaplain offered a mid-week service address commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day, which was on Friday 26th January.

She spoke of the ways in which our words can give life, and that our words can kill and destroy.

The message in Shell Chapel on the Wednesday was offered by the Senior Chaplain, who spoke to the pupils about Social Media and Selfies, and of the importance of not being Self-ish but communal.

Sunday services included an ‘Instructive Eucharist’ at the 8.30 service and Mr Ben Allen, a Physics Beak, spoke about ‘Six degrees of Separation’ at the 10.15 service of Morning Prayer. The choir offered a particularly stunning Introit. Sunday evening at the 6.30pm Garnett Room Speaker series, Louise Seddon spoken about ‘German National Identity and Literature’. 

Participating in ‘Arts Week’, the midweek Chapel talks this week have been given by the Senior Chaplain and the Head of Art, focussing on the Stanhope paintings in Chapel and, in particular, the Sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham.

House Communions were offered in Ivy and Littlefield, and the Church of England and Roman Catholic Confirmation classes continue full strength!

On Friday 9th February at 5.00pm, the Senior Chaplain is conducting a Memorial service for a long-serving member of the Catering staff – Mr Ivan Thomas, who died on 19th January, and who will be buried in his homeland of St. Helena.

The Rev. Tim Novis
Senior Chaplain
Twitter: @MCol_Chapel

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