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Last week in Chapel, Physics Beak Mr Ben Allen spoke of the wonderous nature of the universe and of our place within it.

He asked why we bother trying to contact Alien life forms, when so often we spend so little time bothering to communicate through prayer with God, the maker of that universe. 

The Assistant Chaplain spoke in Shell Chapel and explained the Christian season of Lent and, in particular, of the importance of friends who help to gently correct us when we get things ‘wrong.’

On Sunday, the 10.15 College Eucharist was offered an address by the Deputy Head, Co-Curricular – Mrs. Debbie Harris. She spoke about personal identity utilising the famous poem ‘Invictus’ as her text.

The Sunday night Speaker Series was pleased to present the Head of Politics – Mr Matt Gow. He shared his fascinating interest in Misericords found in churches and cathedrals.

The Rev. Tim Novis
Senior Chaplain
Twitter: @MCol_Chapel

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