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The Rev. Dr. Greg Barker, Research Fellow at Winchester University, with Senior Chaplain Tim Novis

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Speaking of the Season of Lent and of Christ’s Temptations in the Wilderness, and sharing his own temptation, the Senior Chaplain addressed the Houses in the weekday chapel services by expressing what he has learned by virtue of being the father of a young person with a disability.

17 years ago, at the birth of his daughter, he was tempted to expect the ‘perfect’ child, but has since realised that his daughter, born with Downs’ Syndrome, is perfect in her own unique way.

In Shell Chapel on Wednesday, The Rev Tim Novis’s form class gave an excellent presentation on the issue of good and evil, and of how it’s existence can co-exist alongside belief in God.

At the service of Evening Prayer at 6.30pm on the Third Sunday of Lent, a pupil string ensemble, alongside Mr Ian Crabbe, played one of Handel’s organ concertos to a very appreciative congregation.  The guest speaker was The Rev. Dr. Greg Barker, Research Fellow at Winchester University, Lutheran Minister and educational consultant, who offered a captivating address on the power of symbols and stories. Utilising a can of Coca-Cola and a Yoda toy, Greg explained the work of Joseph Campbell in ‘The Hero with 1,000 faces’, and highlighted how the Christian story informs the plot of such Hollywood Blockbusters as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

The Rev. Tim Novis
Senior Chaplain
Twitter: @MCol_Chapel

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