Donations and Legacies given for the benefit of Marlborough College since 1843

Over the period since its establishment in 1843, Marlborough College has received donations and legacies, many of which were expressed to be for specific purposes. 

The majority of those purposes are no longer achievable, for example because the College's curriculum no longer includes the subject specified, or do not reflect the way that the College achieves its educational objectives.  Furthermore, many of such donations or legacies are not of sufficient size to generate income to achieve the objective originally specified.

Following professional advice and consultation with the Charity Commission, the Council of Marlborough College has concluded that it would be beneficial if all such donations and legacies were to be consolidated into one fund – to be known as the Master's Fund – which will then be administered to enable the College to deliver a public benefit consistent with its charitable objectives – primarily by funding bursaries to enable pupils to attend Marlborough College.  This approach would also enable the College to manage and invest the funds on a consolidated, and therefore cost-effective basis.

The Marlborough College Council wishes to give those who made such donations or gave such legacies, or their descendants, the opportunity to comment on these proposals. 

A list of the persons who made such donations or gave such legacies can be found by clicking here

If any interested party wishes to discuss the Council's proposals, they should contact P N Bryan, the Clerk to the Council, on by Wednesday 21st June 2017.