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Review: The Revenger’s Tragedy

Category: Drama, General, Events

David Kenworthy’s adaptation of The Revenger’s Tragedy enabled a group of skilled young actors to present a Jacobean story in a contemporary context. The sensitive issue of mental health was given a visual representation thanks to Paul Cox’s highly detailed hospital set design, and Middleton’s... More »

Review: An Ideal Husband

Category: Drama, General, Events

David Kenworthy’s production of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband brought a feast of decadence to the Ellis Theatre last week. Spectators were treated to an evening of witty verbal dueling set against a sumptuous visual backdrop of social and political turmoil.The play’s collision of the old world and... More »

Review: Michaelmas Illumination 2014

Category: Drama

The Michaelmas Term 2014 Illumination was shrouded in controversy; it was on a Saturday Night. Would the hordes of Sixth Form sacrifice their pub trips and Malburian shenanigans to come and watch? Those who did were not disappointed. The crowd were anxious to see the new heads of Illumination in... More »

Review: The Roaring Girl

Category: Drama, General, Events

Jane Darby’s production of The Roaring Girl was a hilarious romp through Jacobean gender politics reset in the underground cauldron of blurred lines; The False Tails bar in central London, 2014. Leila Tinne (LI U6) in the title role was a genuine enigma; leather clad, hair in dreadlocks and... More »

Review: The Machine Gunners

Category: Drama, Community, Events

View the slideshow here The 2014 Shell play The Machine Gunners written by Robert Westall and directed by Steven Pleasants tells the story of a group of children nearing adolescence living in the midst of the Second World War. The play centres on Chas McGill, played by the talented Adam Dalrymple... More »

Review: The House of Bernarda Alba

Category: Drama

Jane Darby’s production of The House of Bernarda Alba was as complex and intricate as the lace that adorned the poster.  Click here to view the slideshow.The detailed characters of Lorca’s last play collide and wrestle in the claustrophobic house of mourning presided over by the fanatic... More »

Review: The Monarch of Wit

Category: Drama, Speakers

Stephen Siddall’s lecture on John Donne was both contextually fascinating and thought-provoking. He transformed the poems that we had read into live aural pieces whilst highlighting the spontaneity of Donne’s word choices, enabling us to imagine how they might have been written and received instead... More »

Review: Michaelmas Illumination 2013

Category: Drama

Entertainment came in the form of comedy sketches, magic, acrobatics and music – displaying just how diverse and talented Marlburians can be. Furthermore, the organization and presentation of the event was done with absolute precision and wonderfully wacky humour. The night commenced with an... More »

Review: Romeo and Juliet

Category: Drama

Ella Higgins (CO U6th) reviews the most recent production from the Drama Department, 'Romeo and Juliet', which was a huge success... The cast of David Kenworthy’s production of Romeo and Juliet embodied the true liveliness and vigour of the famous piece whilst still managing to sober us with the... More »

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