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School Play Review and Video

Category: Drama

'Life of Galileo’, a play by Berthold Brecht which highlights overcoming adversity and the necessity of a society that is open to change, was vibrantly performed by its cast and brilliantly directed by Jane Darby.  With simple architecture and a Brechtian performance style it had strong... More »

The Tempest

Category: General, Drama

A magnificent modernisation of one of Shakespeare's greatest plays saw the action transposed to World War II...  More »

Master's Farewell Illumination

Category: Events, General, Drama

The evening began with a montage of photographs from the day's Super Sunday Charity Walk that set the tone for an evening combining remembrance, talent and comedy. A buzz of anticipation spoke for all; from the Remove contemplating their first experience of Illumination, to the feelings of sadness... More »

Illumination Review

Category: General, General, Drama

After claiming a narrow victory in the trial Illumination, last June, over the rival pair Magnus McGregor and Alice Campbell (who we sweetly named Malice), we set out on our quest to provide another year of magnificent student led entertainment... More »

Amadeus Review

Category: Drama

A witty interpretation by Jane Darby of Peter Shaffer's original Amadeus showed the students of Marlborough College strutting around in extravagant tailcoats, pale faces, and artfully authentic wigs. It was a hair tingling mixture of laughter at the flamboyant attempts of Mozart (brilliantly... More »

School Play: "Women of Troy"

Category: Drama, Events

Women of Troy is a Greek tragedy by Euripides set just after the sacking of Troy by the conquering Greek army and this play shows how they treat the mourning women of Troy. This production portrays the play set in 1945 Berlin as the Russians (the Greeks) have defeated the Germans (the Trojans).... More »

Remove Shakespeare Festival

Category: General, Drama, Events

On Saturday, 15 October 2011, the English Department hosted the third annual Remove Shakespeare Festival in the Memorial Hall. Designed to bridge the gap between the freer, more collaborative work of Form and the more disciplined approach necessary for success at IGCSE, this project takes up some... More »

Penny Reading - The Crucible

Category: Drama

Reviewed by Tilly Woodhouse (LI L6): We filled the Ellis Theatre, keen to see the Penny Reading of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Anticipation and expectation rose in the audience when confronted by the set which consisted of a simple stage of wood panelling and was dominated by a colossal cross... More »

The Trial

Category: General, Drama

Reviewed by Ella Atterton: The production centred largely on ensemble work, though the cast was perfectly led by Charles Carnegie, as the protagonist Josef K. From the opening image of the entire cast lying asleep across the stage, it was clear that something was out of the ordinary in the world... More »

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