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Penny Reading - The Crucible

Category: Drama

Reviewed by Tilly Woodhouse (LI L6): We filled the Ellis Theatre, keen to see the Penny Reading of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Anticipation and expectation rose in the audience when confronted by the set which consisted of a simple stage of wood panelling and was dominated by a colossal cross... More »

The Trial

Category: General, Drama

Reviewed by Ella Atterton: The production centred largely on ensemble work, though the cast was perfectly led by Charles Carnegie, as the protagonist Josef K. From the opening image of the entire cast lying asleep across the stage, it was clear that something was out of the ordinary in the world... More »

Women Beware Women

Category: Drama

Reviewed by Tassy Humphreys - October 2010 Expectations were high - I have never seen such a good turnout for a school play; people were crammed onto the steps or hanging over the gallery. There was a lot to appreciate. Firstly the set, a Florentine palace in the middle of the Ellis... More »

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